Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sussex to lose 1 in 6 police officers

Shocking news emerged this week with Sussex Police announcing the loss of 1 in 6 front-line police officers over "the next few years".  Whilst the claim is these will all be through natural wastage, the fact of the matter is that this county will be in the top 4 who are chopping the most roles - behind massive forces such as Greater Manchester Police and West Midlands.

Whilst our area is indeed a low crime one, let's hope that the loss of officers will not impact on this status.

As usual local, Conservative, MP Nicholas Soames was suitably vague in his reaction which has been quoted as "It's been known for  a long time that police budgets will have to be cut and there's a very good reason for that". One wonders what the good reason is when most people agree that front line policing is a necessity to maintain law and order.

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