Wednesday, 9 February 2011

So, who, Mr Cameron is running the Country?

It is with alarm that we hear today that last year the City made up 50.8% of all donations received by the Conservatives.  Given the ongoing issues with regulation within the Square Mile, and the fact that 57 individuals, in donating in excess of £50,000, are now permitted direct access to the Prime Minister via the so-called 'Leader's Group', it does make one wonder where money really does talk.....or at least influence! 

Is it right in this era of austerity that non-elected elitist rich can determine how the rest of society should repay the Country's debt?  Moreover I belong to the school of thought that thinks it is the bankers, albeit on a global scale, are predominantly responsible for messing up the western economies.   These same financial 'experts' are now enjoying close relations with those that are charged with running the Country.......a worrying revelation indeed.

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