Thursday, 17 February 2011

Gay Marriages; Straight Civil Partnerships!

Lib Dem Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone announced today that the Government is to open a consultation which will consider the following:

1.  Making marriage available to couples regardless of gender or sexuality and
2.  Making civil partnership similarly available to all

Continuing their strong support of the LGBT community, the Lib Dems are the first party of Government to promote this policy which, if successfully incorporated into law, will finally allow any couple that wishes to cement their union, by marriage in church, the capacity to do so.....although some organisations, such as the Church of England, have already said that they will not allow LGBT marriages on their premises.

And what of the Lib Dems coalition partners?  Never known for being a particularly pink-friendly party, it is gratifying that Teressa May, the Home Secretary, appears on this occassion to be sympathetic to the issue.  However back-benchers such as Edward Leigh, Conservative MP for Gainsborough, have already registered their contempt for the LGBT community by declaring “Once we have departed from the universally understood framework of marriage, there is no logical reason why the new alternative institution should be limited to two people. Why not three? Or thirty-three?".  Leigh clearly confuses gay-rights with bigamy or should that be bigotry?  Leigh continues to rant that “same-sex couples already have all the rights of marriage in the form of civil partnership. Why must they also have the language of marriage?" failing to recognise that "they" also have rights and "they" also form part of the electorate that he is supposed to represent.

For those wanting to support this issue then please either get in touch or follow the link

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