Monday, 11 April 2011

A nation of animal lovers?

Whilst my 'boy', Fonzo the bulldog, is hot on the campaign trail with me (see picture below), I listened with dismay to a report from BBC Radio Surrey this morning which reported on the cruelty inflicted on some cats in the Aldershot area.  The content of the story was actually too graphic for me, as an animal lover, to be able to convey back now suffice to say that the impression is that the torture appears to have been undertaken by human hands.  This of course comes on the back of  a weekend when another aspect of animal cruelty was highlighted at Aintree.

The 164th Grand National event in Liverpool will go down in history for all the wrong reasons.  Two horses killed (yet the race allowed to carry on; how money talks), the winning jockey disciplined for excessive use of a whip and at an earlier race in the day, a fall suffered by Peter Toole riding Classic Fly, has led to the 22 year old jockey fighting for his life in hospital.

As a firm believer in animal welfare and rights, I will do everything I can to promote well-being and continue to campaign against cruelty at every level.  I am blessed to share my life with my faithful canine and 4 cats too and, no matter what political persuasion, this is an issue that surely unites all parties.

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